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A new virtual store review, it is the Knife Center.com, A specialized online website selling different type of knives and cutlery, Entering the address http://knifecenter.com/ in my browser i was amazed by the professional look of the knife center it is really a good looking website, well designed and neatly organized.

kitchenknives.com @ 11-2010
Easily enough and using the upper navigation tab i clicked on "Kitchen" and it transfer us to sub domain http://www.kitchenknives.com/ .

Under the header is the twitter link http://twitter.com/knifecenter where we can follow and receive updates on hot knife deals.

The default opened tab is kitchen brands and images of the most famous and trusted manufacturers in the business of making the top knives showing the shinny blades in different shapes and sizes. clicking on the left tab "knife types & sets" here we can click the desired type to find a wide selection of great quality knives.

lets click the chef Knives, the results are arranged by Part# which is not the best way to browse for me but we have the ability to rearrange the results by price, brand and availability.

I clicked the Forschner Chef's Knife w/ 8" Stainless Steel a limited amount of information will show in the product page followed by Customers Also Purchased section and finally some customer review, For me amazon product page is more informative and helpful - Amazon's knives section review here - As for the prices the best thing to do is to compare and check prices with different online websites to make an informative decision.

beside the knives we can find other tab for blocks, cutting boards, kitchen shears, Sharpeners and much more. Knife Center is a great website and i recommend visiting it for good knives deals.